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“We didn’t realise we were making memories we just knew we were having fun”
– Pooh Bear


  • Often found doing the accounts wearing a tiara – my current favourite is Madeline by Ivory and Co
  • I’m no singer but when I do, I totally sing all the wrong words and try to convince everyone my words are better
  • I love when our brides want to customise their dress, whether this is with accessories or with alterations, and dreaming up ways in which we can do this.


  • Lover of organised fun and travel! My husband, Chris, also likes to travel so we are slowly exploring the world together.
  • I was very proudly a #Shady Lady in 2017!
  • I love helping brides to create a complete look by adding the finishing touches with accessories. I also adore seeing wedding photos!


  • Born and Bred in St Ives, but I learnt my sewing craft at Scarborough University. I’m super crafty and love making and creating things.
  • My idea of a great weekend is a music festival, especially the quirky ones. I have a sweet tooth but my absolute favourite treat is biscuits.
  • If you can’t see me in the boutique I’ll be tucked away in the sewing room working my magic on the dresses. I particularly like beading…the girls call me the beading queen!


  • I’ve been happily married to the lovely Mick for 38 years now. I’m a proud Nanna to my 1st Grandson, Finlay.
  • I really enjoy eating out and I love a baileys! (Over Ice, Ice cream or in coffee….however it comes!)
  • I love hearing all the stories from our brides. From the proposals to planning and everything in between.


  • Married to Grant, I’m an original #Shady Lady as I bought my dress from Shades of White 5 years ago.
  • Massive fan of Hot Chocolate! Mum to Nahla, who loves Paw Patrol, baking and jam tarts! She keeps me very busy!
  • I truly do love EVERYTHING about weddings. The crazier and more alterative they are the better!