Rachel Simpson Isabelle

£205.00 £35.00

Rachel Simpson Isabelle

Size: 6

Colour  Nude
Material  Leather
Sole  Leather
Lining  Leather
Heel Height  9cm





When Isabelle first came into the collection, the heel was just slightly higher than shoes we’d done before and had a slightly different curve at the back. It’s a subtle difference, but if you look at the side profile it really gives the shoe a certain elegance.

It took a number of attempts to get the design for Isabelle down on to paper. We had the idea in our heads, to have two art deco fan shapes ‘hugging’ the foot, but could we draw it? Could we heck! The side profile was easy, but somehow that had to connect in the middle, and all attempts ended up as pretty wonky drawings! Eventually we drew the design up in 3D so we could fully work out how it would fit, and ended up sending this plastic forme to our factory for sampling, along with the (slightly dodgy) sketches. It paid off though- we knew there was a shoe in amongst all those doodles!